What We Do

Measuring twice is our first priority.

Early Collaboration Equals Best Value

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Design Assistance

Through our proven process, we establish a foundation of team responsibilities, collaborative communication and trust. Early engagement with your construction team is key to the success of your project. Nor-Son’s project managers and estimators have extensive experience working and collaborating with architects, which has allowed us to continue to enhance our knowledge of best practices in design and construction.

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Value Analysis

Through a collaborative team approach, ideas and insights are gathered from key subcontractors and vendors. Our construction experts review design strategies for construct-ability, budget control, and schedule impact to maintain the value in your project.

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Conceptual Estimating

Nor-Son begins with a general understanding of design expectations, building function and operation, and project budget. Project estimates begin at an early stage in the process and are carried throughout the design and construction phases for no surprises.

Pre-Construction Services

  • Historical cost comparisons
  • Conceptual estimating
  • Site review, analysis and mitigation
  • Construct-ability review
  • Risk analysis
  • Value analysis
  • Project scheduling & sequencing

One Part Construction, Two Parts Coordination

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Since 1978, Nor-Son has been providing exceptional environments of distinctive character, precision craftsmanship, and incomparable quality – competitively. Nor-Son self-performs labor in rough and finish carpentry.

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Cost Control

During construction, Nor-Son proactively works with you to deliver a project with maximum value. Development of complete bid packages, selection of trade contractors and bid methods are performed in collaboration with the team for the best representation and value to every project.

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Safety by Choice NOT by Chance. Nor-Son continues to lead the industry with its safety performance. Our ABC award-winning status since 2002 and our partnership with MNOSHA reinforce this commitment to safety.

Construction Services

  • Qualified bid solicitation & negotiation
  • Risk management
  • Budget confirmation
  • Milestone scheduling
  • Disruption avoidance and infectious control planning
  • Safety program enforcement
  • On-site coordination
  • Construction management
  • Collaborative communication & delivery
  • Post-Construction Services

Sometimes You Want It All Under one Roof

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Our architects and design staff work in concert with our construction personnel to ensure design creativity is firmly grounded with construction reality. We’ll work with you to deliver a construction package that best serves your needs. This long-term commitment retains the most value in your building project.

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BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Our design and construction professionals utilize Building Information software to pre-construct a building to proactively visualize, identify, and coordinate building construction and constraints before breaking ground. Through this software, our technology professionals can prepare schedule and cost estimates to identify critical coordination areas and offer alternative solutions.

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Interior Design

Interior selections are often the most overwhelming part of a building project. We can assist you with all material and finish decisions throughout the design and construction process. Working directly with your project architect and construction manager, your interior designer will customize a package specific to you and your needs.