About Us

One conversation,

and you’ll know we’re not like the competition.

Nor-Son was founded in 1978 and has since grown to into a nationally recognized integrated design and construction services firm. Our tradition of personal attention supports a client-focused culture you’ll feel in every project. We use this partnership approach—and support it with the latest technologies—to competitively deliver environments of distinctive character, precision craftsmanship and incomparable quality.

We specialize in creating warm, welcoming, well-built environments in the residential, hospitality, healthcare and commercial sectors.

The spaces we create comfort the emotional, physical and financial well-being of their owners and occupants. And for over 40 years, the Nor-Son name has been trusted for the highest standards in integrated construction services, collaboration and client communication.

Our Vision

Nor-Son is a nationally respected design and construction services firm that is sought-after because of how we interpret needs, deliver experiences and create environments that enhance how people live and work.

Our Mission

Nor-Son builds long-term client relationships, sustainable growth and fulfilling careers, while creating environments of comfort and character.

Our Values

Leadership – Striving today to improve tomorrow.

Craftsmanship – Delivering excellence in everything we do.

Relationship – Ensuring successful connections between people – and between systems.

Stewardship – Advocating for the right thing for our client, company, and community.

Ownership – Living a Whatever-it-Takes Attitude every day. WITA!


We believe in competing at a high level and meeting high expectations.

We are the most award-winning company in the nation for Excellence in Construction for merit shop-led projects.


We believe in collaborating with the best teams for the best outcomes.

We provide an integrated Architecture + Construction approach that ensures the fastest means to the best quality solution, yielding the most value.


We believe in delivering experiences and environments of excellence.

We provide a unique, high-touch, high-tech experience when delivering a high-performance-built environment.


We believe in following an integrated team approach.

We follow a proven Nor-Son Integrated Delivery Process that successfully integrates Architecture + Construction.