Rochelle Hebert

Project Coordinator

Rochelle pays attention to detail, which benefits the Nor-Son team. She is organized and able to prioritize work, managing her time, so she can effectively accomplish her many tasks. She is proficient at creating and implementing procedures that are effective and takes ownership of everything she does. Rochelle’s determined spirit is an asset to the Project Managers she assists.

With a stepfather in construction, Rochelle grew up with a strong understanding of the industry. With post-secondary coursework and valuable experience in accounting, she excels at her job as Commercial Project Coordinator, creating and receiving contracts and reviewing/approving invoices and contract balances.

Rochelle loves to do outdoor activities with family and friends. Creating great memories and living life to the fullest are important to her. She is invested in helping her children become wholehearted humans and encourages learning new things. Rochelle’s philosophy is to learn at least one new thing each day!

Rochelle Hebert Pic